Cost Comparison

Does TruLeanaTM hCG really cost LESS than many other weight loss programs?

Yes! TruLeanaTM hCG is LESS than 1/3 the cost of on-line, pre-packaged food and diet membership programs and LESS than 1/2 the cost of Weight Watchers. (See comparisons below) Programs such as Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem rely on expensive pre-packaged foods loaded with sodium, chemicals and shelf life extenders and still require the addition of fresh fruit, vegetables and dairy to assure clients receive adequate nutrition.

Weight Watchers is also more costly than TruLeanaTM hCG and requires dieters to keep detailed food diaries and complicated points log.  TruLeanaTM hCG features only fresh, whole ingredients including lean protein, fresh fruit and a variety of vegetables that can be purchased at any supermarket and easily prepared at home.

Cost savings isn’t the only benefit of TruLeanaTM hCG ! Not only are you enjoying fresh, wholesome food but you are also rapidly losing weight and re-shaping your body in dramatic ways you may have never experienced before! Stubborn areas of stored fat – for men the mid-section and for women the hips, buttocks and thighs – experience the most dramatic results as the hCG targets this area and releases unhealthy and unsightly fat stores into the bloodstream.

Your Releana program also comes with the support of Dr. Acevedo and her caring staff to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We offer additional support through weekly weigh-ins where we chart your progress through weight, body fat and BMI analysis and photos. Whether you need only a little support or like to come in weekly to chart your success, it is all included in the cost of your program.

Cost Comparison below based on a male or female wanting to lose 20 pounds.

TruLeanaTM hCG.  Truly revolutionary weight loss!

If you are purchasing your hCG off the internet or without a Dr’s prescription you are NOT getting Medical Grade, TruLeanaTM hCG .  Many businesses are producing HOMOEPATHIC HCG, ALL-NATURAL HCG, OFFICIAL HCG, and variations of Pork and Equine hCG. Most of these home brews contain little if any hCG and do not facilitate in rapid weight loss and can cause WEIGHT GAIN by slowing your metabolism to the point where any food taken in is stored as additional fat. These mixtures often contain unlisted ingredients which can not only jeopardize ones success in losing weight, but be potentially harmful as well.


Lose one pound a day and enjoy savings with TruLeanaTM hCG . TruLeanaTM hCG program costs 1/3 of the price of pre-packaged diets! Call us today! (949) 375-0248 or schedule an appointment

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TruLeanaTM hCG Jenny Craig Nutrisystem Weight Watchers

Avg Weekly Wt Loss

6 pounds

1.5 pounds

1.5 pounds

1.5 pounds

Weeks on Program





Weekly cost of Food


$175.00-food & ship

$160.00-food & ship


Total food Cost





Program Cost



None w/ contract

$159.80 ($39.95/mo)





$37.50 $132.40 $112.00 $77.99

* Price includes Doctor consultation, health and medical screening and 1 month supply of TruLeanaTM hCG . Price used only for comparison.

** If clients have more than 20 pounds to lose or are on the programs for longer than 12 weeks, additional membership fees up to $199.00 may be required.